About the band

With their own brand of country-laced folk-pop that rests comfortably amongst many contemporary favourites such as Teenage Fanclub, Wilco and Trashcan Sinatras, First Charge of the Light Brigade’s sound also evokes memories of past luminaries such as Big Star and The Byrds.

Formed in 2011, the band has been busy playing live in and around the country, as well as supporting, amongst others, The Doves and Jesse Malin. Their self titled debut album was released on the 1st Sept 2014 on the band’s own label, Aquitaine Recordings and was produced by Chris Gordon (Union of Knives, Song of Return).

The Skinny – 26th Aug 2014 3/5 stars
“well-crafted, highly melodic and steadfastly earnest pop-rock… handsomely put together and pleasing to the ear”

R2 magazine – Sept 2014 4/5 stars
“anthemic… a fine debut album”

Herald Scotland newspaper – 17th Sept 2014
“it’s impossible to fault songwriting of this quality… radiant country-folk with a side order of polished pop”

folkradio.co.uk – 11 Sept 2014
“alt-country/folk rock with a plethora of chiming guitars and summery, airy melodies”

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